On time delivery and high quality


Manufacturing state-of-the-art dies for low or high production suitable to mould any type of material is one of Faib’s abilities.

Our engineers carry on feasibility studies with detailed reports which are sent to the customer and are aimed at obtaining the lowest consumption of material as well as the best geometries for a great product.


 Transfer dies

Faib is specializes in complicated and structural pieces.

Car manufactures often directly involve our company in strategic activities to improve production methods of certain components.


Line dies

Faib can offer a wide range of products thanks to more than 40 years of experience.

Among the most popular pieces in Faib you can find heel arches, roofs of trucks and structural pieces of deep drawing.


 Progressive dies

 Progressive dies have been the first product to be developed by Faib. Their technology has been applied to all types of materials and thicknesses, up to 8mm.





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